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i feel like ive wasted my time even coming to this website to read all your bullshit stories. now ill never get back the past 20 minutes of my life or the 100,000 brain cells i lost. is this wrong of me?

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November 14, 2010 at 6:52 pm by Anonymous in - Miscellaneous

I met this girl on face-book randomly, we started to talk just basic chit chat every day i found out she was a six hour drive away and the usual stuff school,work,likes,dislikes etc. Then about 2 weeks into talking to her she told me a family member got sick and she had to go to Asia, i did not know really what to say to i just did what i normally do and tried to help/comfort her in any way i could as im the type of person that will do anything for someone i know or call a friend and at this point i considered her a friend. She got over there and was going back n forth to the hospital and what not, we were still talking every day at this point and i was trying to help keep her mind of it or at least let her vent to me. Then one day she was talking to me and i could literally feel the sadness in her messages i asked what was wrong she said well were broke and short on the medical costs, so i had some extra money that month and tbh was going to buy drugs with it so instead i sent it to her cause she needed it more. She was releaved and happy that i could help her, we continued to talk and grew closer and closer with every day, to the point were i wanted to tell her i love her, then out of the blue she said it first i returned the affection and everything. I contined to try to help her as best i could with what i had to spare, its been a year now and she is still there and still says she loves me adn misses me, and im still madly inlove with her, weve even talked about kids, and marrage and I love her enough to be willing to marry her and have kids. Now a days tho i dont have any extram money to spare and money is tight on her end aswell, the family member is out of the hospital but still sick (i think im not 100% sure because she doesnt talk to much about it, i dont blame her but id also like to know). She still send me messages about every 3 days in my inbox, we hardly speak through the chat system anymore because of the time change. The messages i get from her now are basic i love you and miss you, the odd how are you doing, and when i send her a detailed message of my situation or current events or ask how everything is with her, she just reply's with a i love you and miss you type of message and avoids the question all together. am i wrong to love her? am i expecting to much from her?

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August 8, 2010 at 3:43 pm by Anonymous in - Love

Ok. So here's my issue. I posted on here last year about my delemma that i was in love with my best friends (lets call her Becka) boyfriend (lets call him Ron). Anyway. The end of that is that Ron dumped Becka for me and when i finally got up the currage to tell her that we were dating we managed to be mature about it and we're still the best of friends. If anything i think we've gotten closer, wich i know sounds wierd, but it doesn't matter to me :) So anyway. Today I'm here with another problem I'd really apreciate some advice on wich again concerns Ron (who is now my boyfriend of nearly 10 months), but in rather a different light. Me and Ron have been arguing a lot recently. Mostly over really petty pointless things, but never the less we argue. He is very stubburn so most of the time i back down and end up appologising to him, even if i know that he is the one in the wrong. One recent example of this was last month when my brother was in an accident and had to be rushed to hospital to have stitches. This has never happened to anyone in my family before and as u can imagine both me and my sister were very shocked and upset, especially since it happened so fast. Anyway. I was talking to Ron on MSN at the time. Since we live rather far away from each other this is how we normally keep in touch since we don't get to see each other very offten. Anyway I was in shock so turned to Ron for comfort. However. He hurt me a bit by not seaming too bothered about my brother or me for that matter and being much more interested in the football that he was watching at the time. Well. This made me very angry. I signed off in a very bad mood leaving Ron very confused as to why I'd suddenly left the conversation. Anyway. Later that night when my brother came home i went back online to tell the rest of my friends who had expressed some worry and concern for my feelings and my little brother that he was alright and for them not to worry. This is when i got into the argument with Ron. He did not see anything wrong with his behavior and was angry at me for being so "touchy" and "stupid". I tried to fight for myself. I truely did. I just can't seam to do it. So in the end predictably i gave in and it was me the one who appollogised and begged for forgiveness. As usual. Now. When i told one of my best friends the next day, (lets call her Kelly), she got both very angry at me and at Ron. She was angry at Ron for me if you know what i mean, but she was also angry at me for not standing up for myself because it was clearly not me in the wrong. So. Later on that night Kelly and Ron got into an argument on MSN wich concluded in Ron being angry at me for not taking his side against Kelly. Don't get me wrong. I love Ron. More than anything. More than he'll ever understand. But recently I've seen a side of him I hadn't expected and don't really like. It was rough going for about a week. And with the news of an unwanted return of an ex boyfriend into my life, problems at home, and worries of school, I was feeling very down. Thankfully things eventually got back to normal with Ron and we did what we always do. Just don't mension it and pretend nothing ever happened. Anyway. Things were getting better slowly and they were looking up for a few days, untill this weekend. Ron is rather a conputer genius and spends much of his time developing programmes and so on. Saturday night he'd managed to get an app on his laptop to play the sound of a voovoo zela (those irritating things you hear in the background of football matches in the world cup). Anyway he was very amused and said to me "yay i can annoy people with this now". After saying this he sends the clip to my friend Kelly over MSN. Kelly obviously got very annoyed and asked me to tell him to stop. So i did, to wich he replied by calling her a bitch. This made me angry and i retorted by saying, "woh hey that's my friends your calling a bitch" to wich he replied, "and that's your boyfriend she's now telling to fuck off". I was not in the happyest of moods anyway having discovered some home truths about my family earlier on that day and was very worried so I honestly didn't have the patients to deal with the two of them arguing so i just told them both to grow up and if they can't be sivilised to each other that they should just ignore each other. I worried about it all night and therefore was shocked to recieve a perfectly normal response from both of them the next day. Especially since Ron in particular had seamed very angry. However I didn't complain and just went along with it. I know these examples seam very petty and not very important but they are only two examples of many arguments recently many of wich have been much bigger and more serious than these. My problem is that I dont like the side of Ron I've recently discovered. I've come to learn that he has a real mean streak and is incredibly stubburn. I am a push over I admit but I'm starting to get tired of being walked on all the time and being the guillty party every time. Not once has he admitted to being wrong or appologising for his behavior. Not without me begging for forgiveness first. It also worries and irritates me how much he is in contact with other girls. A few in particular he seams very close with. This worries me because through getting close is how our relationship developed. I'm afraid he'll do what he did to Becka to me. Am I wrong for feeling like this? Is it hypocritical of me? I'm also terrifide of the prospect of him and Becka being in the same room without me there. This is one of the things that worries me most. I don't have a right to really since I'm depending on him to trust me when i have to spend a week with my ex boyfriend in the summer in a holiday camp. So am I wrong for not trusting him with her when I'm counting on his trust in me? Is it wrong that I'm so jellus of his other female friends? And is it wrong that I let him walk all over me all the time? Is it wrong that I want him to ask how I'm feeling or how was my day once in a while? Is it wrong that if i tell him about one of my problems that I want him to ask me about it every now and again? I do love him dearly. Despite all these fears and worries. Is it wrong that I'm scared he doesn't love me nearly as much as I love him? And is it wrong that I want him to change? Please help! I'm very confused and this is effecting my entire life :'(

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July 6, 2010 at 9:19 am by Anonymous in - Relationships

I have a really bad feeling about my best friend... I'm starting to like him! and I don't know what to do! He is MY BFF and I'm afraid that I will fall in love with him... am I wrong?

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June 14, 2010 at 9:27 pm by Anonymous in - Love

okk... so all of my friends ditched me when the summer started... I don't know why... but some of them say that one B***** from school told them a story that I was eating sh** about them... now I'm chasing one by one to tell them it is not true... ok... maybe sometimes I tell jokes bout my friends and I have told every single one in person... That B**** filtrated the stories in a bad kinda way... and they all believed her... WTF? I really don't know what to do... I'm only worried about my best friend witch I really don't want to lose... what should I do? She tells me she's not mad at me but she is kinda ignoring me now... :(

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June 14, 2010 at 9:25 pm by Anonymous in - Friends

Here are descriptions of my two best friends. A guy who acts like a bitch (at least to his boyfriend) and who sits around complaining about being bored, yet he doesnt carry a job or do much of anything aside from a little housework. Then there's a chick who is suicidal and has low self esteem even though she tends to act like a whore around guys and is always getting rides with me and trying to compete with me (like buying the same clothes and I mean the SAME clothes, dressing like a hooker when around me, and wears waaaay too much makeup). They were awesome friends when we were in high school, but I've about had enough of it. Am I wrong for thinking I need new friends? Advice would be appreciated.

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June 2, 2010 at 11:44 am by Anonymous in - Friends

I have been dating this guy for about 8 months, long distance. he is very mature and I love being with him. the thing is that he use to be married to my second cousin. They have been divorced for 10 years now...is it wrong for me to date him and why or why not? No my cousin do not know we do not talk we never really did.....

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May 12, 2010 at 1:26 pm by Anonymous in - Relationships

otaay, well this kid in my class & my friends from saint matts fought. I was on the saint matts side because they are really nice to me. and like so people in my class started calling me a traderr and all. Like if they were my "true friends" they wouldnt say shiitt. and like, im really pissed. So im still friends with my class but like how they say it behind my back pisses me offf. Am i wrong? i mean shouldnt i stick up for my saint matt friends?

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April 28, 2010 at 10:28 pm by Anonymous in - Friends

well i mbeen dating this guy for like 5 months now. he workd in the oil field and had to go to a different state across the country. he also works nights so we can only really talk in the mornings right after he gets off and right before he goes to work. we talk on the phone cause his laptop is broken so we cant use the web cam.. but everytime we talk we either sit there not saying anything or fighting, which is wierd cause we arent the type that fights.. i believe that A.he doesnt trust me(which i never gave him a reason not to) or B. or relationship is on the line because we can see each other... i dont want anything to happen between us but i cant stand fighting anymore its gets old after awhile

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April 24, 2010 at 3:20 pm by Anonymous in - Relationships

I met this chick on myspace. After we chilled a couple times we started hookin up together a couple times a week. Then one day out of the blue she says shes busy for two weeks. When that time passed she said shes abstaining from sex for 2 months( this girls a freak in the sheets fyi). now shes mia, but signs on everyday..i asked her what the deal was and she blocked me.am i right for thinking shes a slut

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April 21, 2010 at 9:32 pm by Anonymous in - Sex

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